Girl Wanting To Wear Tux To Prom Should Wise Up

Girls the yellow pressClaudetteia Love, the gay high school student from Monroe, LA that wants to wear a tux to her prom needs to wise up. Sure, she’s smart, smart enough to be considered a top academic scholar, smart enough to represent her school at a local gathering of the areas best students and smart enough to attend Jackson State University on a full academic scholarship, but she’s still got a lot to learn. Book learning is no guarantee in life. In life, you fit in, you don’t stand out. It’s ok to be smart, but not ok to show it. And girls, that’s the little, diminutive “girls wear dresses, boys wear tuxes, and that’s the way it is”.

Claudetteia had best off learn these things fast and people like Patrick Taylor, principal of Carroll High School in Monroe where she is a student is only banning her costume from the prom, not her. He’s just doing his job, enforcing the social mores, setting her straight so she can lead a model life, one that abides by the constructs of a just society. In other times it would have been his duty to insure she remained dutiful to her father, took no education, and practiced her sampler so she could make a good helpmeet. He might have not allowed a prom at all, because of the probable dancing, and where there is dancing there might be touching, and we all know what touching leads to, it leads to big round bellies and ankle biters underfoot. In the future it would be his, and his ilk responsibility to maintain her programming as a Stepford wife. It’s a fact that societies morals and values are always changing. It’s people like Patrick Taylors’ job to hold the earth at a standstill, or reverse its course and curtail changes like Wyoming giving women the right to vote.

Love needs to learn not to stand out, never to be exceptional, to know her place, not to be different, it makes you a target. In this world, regardless of the real learning you may have done prior to adulthood, the true lesson is that getting in line, sitting quietly, marching in lock-step is what is expected, anything else is rocking the boat. Just wear the darn dress, show some leg and be who we want you to be, the glass ceiling is there for a reason, to keep all hell and damnation from raining down on you.

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