Garena Carnival 2015

Garena Carnival took place over the weekend, 13-14 June 2015.The two-day event saw a total of 7,000 attendees.1st gaming event in Singapore to use projection mapping and projection blending technology to create a custom 28m x 6m screen, providing attendees with a fully immersive and unique gaming experience. The custom screen also acted as a backdrop for on-stage performances by VIP cosplayers, Aza Miyuko and Hori and the award ceremony.

 Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to try out the newly launched mobile game, Thunderstrike and receive a sneak preview for Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light which will be launched in July 2015.  Attendees also had the chance to get up close and personal with the VIP celebrity cosplayers, Aza Miyuko and Hori during the meetWinners for the Grand finals of League of Lengends, FIFA Online 3 and Blackshot

 .  League of Legends:

  1st place: Team Nyan Zone (prize of S$15,000)

 2nd place : Team Insidious Gaming Legends (prize of S7,500)

 3rd place: Team Thirsty Chinchillas (prize of S$5,000)

  . FIFA Online 3’s Fantasy Cup – Road to Thailand:

1st place: Impunity (prize of S$2,000 + Qualify for Representative)

2nd place : Ninjas (prize of S$1200 + Qualify for Representative)

 3rd place: The Chosen One (prize of S$900)

·     Blackshot Champion’s Pride Season 3

1st place: TeamSAGE (prize of S$15,000)

 2nd place : noGAMESENSE (prize of S$8,000)

 .Winners of the inaugural Cosplay Rumble

 1st prize of S$2,000: Tay Wei Zhi – Full Metal Rammus

 2nd prize of S$1,000: Kai – Galactic Azir

  3rd prize of S$500: Daniel – Cinematic Version Fiddlesticks

.     Other activities that attendees were able to enjoy and win in-games prizes

·         Laser tag arena

·         Game booths

·         Instaprint photos and Trick Eye walls

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