Yellow Press Predicts Trump Win

imagesGone are the days of the Grand Old Party, the proud Republican party that advocated for the abolition of slavery, the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Today’s Republicans are truly best represented by its most publicized, least taken seriously candidate, Donald Trump. In this country we have always held strong the conviction that any person could become president. Anyone can lead our great nation, regardless of their humble, or otherwise, beginnings as long as they are chosen by a majority of the people whose views they serve to promote. Even a wealthy man with a well tended comb-over can come to lead us, and the rest of the free world. The Yellow Press sees the Donald as that man. We are a two party nation and though it seems as if a flip of the coin might be a better option than the billions spent to elect our policy makers, elections are rarely so simple today. ┬áThe people, that’s us, are not so easily swayed by the deluges of speech-making, slogans, sound-bites and relentless media solicitations as the political wonks would have us believe. We are but only human after all and will act accordingly.
Trump tiplifies the Republican party of this day. He speaks his mind, for all with ears to hear and minds to fathom. He is his own man, as we are our own sovereign nation and as such are beholden to no other, bowing to none. Some find a pungent dose of Trump not to their liking but just as many state that while a regimen of strong medicine may leave a bad taste in the mouth it leaves the body healthy and hale. A womanizer? What real man isn’t? A fence builder instead of bridging the gaps between the poor and less fortunate? Good fences make good neighbors and what prudent person would invite the whole unwashed rabble of this earth into the perfect little slice of heaven we have created here in America, the home of the brash and the brave.
Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination based on the core beliefs of the very vocal Tea-Party majority. He will triumph and win the presidency with the votes of those who quietly support some of those right-wing tenets non dare speak aloud and the votes of those who firmly feel that either hastening the apocalypse or the revolution can only be a good thing.

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