Taranto (Italy): Draws her some Young people!

Taranto: Draws her some Young people
In a different country, The young people, would be a wealth and a resource, in a country that contemplates to the growth, to the evolution, in every place, but not in the laughing Region Puglia, where the youth is as a pouch of the undiversified garbage, not knowing where to throw him/it, makes him accords with the ZAV ( German’s office employers) and is tried to place there them of or of here… or worse anchors to treat them from source of income to purpose “clientelare” in the schools of
formation of the usual known… also at the cost to make to take him a course of “teacher stony of olives”, that imports pay the region… pays the collectivity!!! But how much does it cost us? How much has you/he/she spent the region? How much does it foresee to spend?
The Regione Puglia, only for the course «Welness Operator» have spent 518’317,00 euro; For the two years 2014/2016 foresee an expense for the equal formation 133.067.964,13 European and for the preceding two years? Trying to make things clear on the real costs, bouncing from an office to the other of the Region, we try in
vain to contact office budget of the Region, but the telephone uselessly rang… I
would have liked to give the numbers, as they have gotten used to do them.
To this point it comes spontaneous I handed another question, the frequenters of the
courses… how future they have had? Have they found a job? Is not given there
unfortunately to know him but hunted among the classifications of the centers of
formation accredited, can be perceived with not a lot of difficulty that there is a
certain continuity and repetition of the names of the candidates, in the time, it is often
possible to see the names of the same for more formative offers.
But with a budget of 133.067.964,13 something could not be realized of really profit
for the young people? Could not they be realized of the business spin-off cooparticipated

by the region and by the young people? Could not the occupation be
stimulated in more efficient way?
To risk to do something of good person, to scar this inside hemorrhage represented by our young people, that his own houses leave, his/her own earth, to go to distant countries, won’t feel where of sure the lack of the Guarantee Young people… of the
formation “Specialized”, of the experimental apprenticeships, and of all the possible commodify .
Sabato Merone
Correspondent From Italy

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