“The Prince of Montenegro in official visit to Malta”

More than three thousand residents Serbs, many Montenegrins, Croats, Bosnians. Even more ‘Russians. E ‘is the mirror of a beautiful island in the middle of
the Mediterranean where Stefan, SAIR Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia, and' was a guest in these days on an official visit at the invitation of the community'Slavic, headed by Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Boban Jovanovic and the Honorary 
Consul of Serbia Gordon Pace Bonello.

Prince Stefan Cernetic of Montenegro 'was a guest of honor at a gala dinner with fund raising in favor of the Gambia, in an art exhibition of the Vienna Serbia Djordje Jovanovic opened the Presidential Palace in Malta and visiting the headquarters of 'Order of Malta Orthodox whose grandmaster was King Peter II of Yugoslavia.

Prince Stefan Cernetic and was accompanied in these visits and ceremonial by the 
Russian Vladimir Maligyn, and several other members of the diplomatic corps, cultural, business, besides' by his cousin HRH the Crown Prince of Serbia, Predrag Obrenovic. Together the two principles have appointed some knights and ladies during a moving ceremony of investiture with the sword, with their orders dynastic family.


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