‘Bigfoot’ Sighting in Northern Ireland


A couple claim they saw an ape-like creature in a wooded area in northern Ireland.

63-year-old Caroline Breen said she and her husband were walking their dogs in Ballyboley Forest when they spotted it.

“We approached a small patch of dead trees one day when we caught sight of something crouched behind the bushes,” she explains. “We thought at first it was a human, but as it raised its head in the air, we saw it.”

Breen said her husband walked towards the creature and it growled at him.

The creature reportedly was carrying a stick and it “smashed the stick against the tree” before taking off at high speed.

She described it as having a chimpanzee-like face but with a “broader nose” and it was covered in “dark brown black fur”. The animal was approximately 8 feet tall.

When she reported the sighting to the local constable he scoffed, saying “That was probably MacGuffy, he’s a nudist what lives up there.”



Jimm Morgan

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