The Starvlings Are Listening

Grandpaps had a fiery temper. When a child would push their plate away while it still held a few scraps of uneaten food a glare would begin to darken accross his face, his ears would become red and the hairs in them bristled and one knew the sermon was coming. “There are starving kids in China.” He’d say. “They would love to have that food. The succotash is delicious, there is still meat on that pork chop bone, there is nothing wrong with the applesauce, it’s just a little brown that’s all. We can sit here on our fat butts all day and yak about how tough things are but there ain’t a one of us that’s going hungry or getting shot at. Well going hungry anyway. When I was a boy we sometimes went without meals, or had awful scimpy ones at times. We stuffed newspapers in our shoes when the soles were shot. Heck, kids these days don’t have to wear ragged, patched coats that were handed dow from brother to brother. No they gotta have a brand new ballcap with a flat brim. Whoever heard of a flat brim on a ballcap? And gawdamighty if it gets a little smudge on it.” He pushed down on the tabletop with two gnarled, meaty fists and scowled. “Well in this house we don’t let perfectly good food go to waste so you’ll either spend your allowance to mail it to China, eat it all so you can have dessert or slide it over to me and I’ll eat your dessert too”

In the article cited above┬áit was also noted that while the US wastes about half its food, globally the figure is about one third. Waste not want some o’ this?

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