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s palinThis week in news from the right:

Sara Palin bumps head, no harm done. Sara Palin, former vice presidential candidate took a tumble while running recently and stumbled upon some rocks, cracking open her head a bit but spilling nothing important. She explained, in a bit of a rambling discourse. “It was Hillary’s fault, she always comes to mind when trouble occurs, or Satan, and while  I was thinking about where to place my foot while running the rocky path I thought of how she is always lying and putting her foot in her mouth and I fell, which is to tell the truth a bit embarrassing as I never fell when I was a cheerleader and those routines are quite complicated you know what with the pom-poms being different colors and all but not good old red, white and blue.”

Mouthpiece Sean Hannity says Kaepernick should STFUp. Colin Kaepernick, the sports figure who is currently embroiled in controversy because he failed to stand during the playing of the national anthem at a recent ballgame as a quiet protest of the nations unjust treatment of minorities has drawn comments from numerous sources, some condemnation at his lack of patriotism, some praise at his determination to voice his discontent and some level headed reflection on the nature of freedom of speech. Right wing voice celebrity commentator Sean Hannity was more red in the face than the tightness of his girdle could explain when he said, “Kaepernick is paid a lot to perform. He should stand when told to, sit on command, bark, heel, go, fetch, roll over and lie down.”

Trumps chumps continue to churn out entertainment. Around the country the fun continues as Chumps for Trump continue their crusade behind their chosen leader. One fine fellow says women shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless they follow his advice on birth control. Another exemplar says this about today’s progressive women.

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