Mysterious Sales Of Police Uniforms

policewomanA suspicious rise in sales of police and security uniforms has several states and municipalities looking to restrict the sale of such items to official agencies only. An informal survey of several uniform sales outlets that specialize in the manufacture and sales of uniforms for security professionals has indicated that a substantial rise in the sales of uniforms, badges and accessories  has s occurred over the last several months that cannot be attributed to  the usual upswing in sales that typically precedes the Halloween season. More disturbing is the pattern that such sales are increasing in areas associated with increased crime levels. Speaking on condition of anonymity a spokesman for PSGI, the Professional Security Garment Industry, a trade group that furthers the interests of makers of specialty clothing for police, firefighters and various security agencies, Cal  Wilkie informed The Yellow Press that it had been tracking the increased sales for several years but had only noticed the dramatic rise in recent months. “We normally see a small bump that can be attributed to Halloween but this year the increase is dramatic. “He said, “our first instinct was that it was a foreign influence and that perhaps the sales were to immigrants bent on perpetrating another 9/11 type attack under the guise of police and security professionals. But on closer inspection we noticed that while the sales were up in poorer areas it was typically in red states and places where there were a large proportion of so-called conservatives. We aren’t sure, and there is no law against wearing clothing that looks like a police uniform unless one actually identifies themselves as an officer of the law, but we think that some of the sales are to groups planning to take the law into their own hands dependent upon the outcome of the November election.”

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