New Film Covers Ukrainian Genocide


Genocide of 500000 ethnic Ukrainians who were citizens of  the Second Polish

Republic and they  were expelled from their homeland in the Poland
People’s Republic  to Soviet Ukraine in 1945-1951. According to the
agreement between the Government of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
and Polish Committee of National Liberation evacuation of Ukrainian
population from the territory Poland and Polish citizens from the territory
of the USSR signed September 9, 1944 which was  forcibly deportation
Ukrainian population who were citizens of  the Second Polish Republic. Yalta
(Crimea) Conference of the Allied Powers (4 -11 February 1945) – the
meeting of leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition – the USSR, the US and the
UK – during the Second World War, dedicated to the establishment of the
post-war world order. It was necessary to install unofficial but generally
accepted by all parties to the line between the spheres of influence of the
Allies – the work which was begun at the Tehran Conference in 1943. The
redistribution of boundaries Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, having gone on
mutual concessions, agreed on almost all counts. As a result, the land where
ethnic Ukrainians lived for centuries  were given to Poland. In another
agreement  was signed during the conference, which was very important for
the Soviet side, namely an agreement on the repatriation of military and
civilian, that is displaced – persons released (captured) in the territories
captured by the Allies. In  the result of this agreement people were
transferred to the Soviet side not only  Soviet citizens and the Ukrainian
population lives in  centuries, never had Soviet citizenship. Stalin tried
to create not just political borders but also to reinforce their ethnic
boundaries, engaging in resettlement, eviction, as well as religious,
liquidated the Greek-Catholic Church and transferring its faithful to
Orthodoxy. part of the section according to the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact.
Stalin received the international legitimacy of the Western Allies in Yalta
on those areas that were actually captured in 1939. Before World War II, a
number of large population movements were the result of bilateral agreements
and has received the support of international organizations such as the
League of Nations. But changes began when the Charter of the Nuremberg
Trials of German Nazi leaders accused of forced deportation of civilians
during the Second World War as a war crime and a crime against humanity. At
the heart of change has been a tendency to take into account human rights,
thereby limiting the rights of nation states impose decrees that affect
them.”Where is the movement of the population used as a means of resolving
the ethnic conflict, today, forced displacement of the population considered
to be a violation of international law.” (Denver Journal of International
Law and Policy, in spring 2001, P116).Thus, although the signatories of the
agreements of the Yalta and Potsdam conferences on the eviction of civilians
is lawful in accordance with international law of the time, the present
historians and scholars in the field of international law and human rights,
have revised their evaluation of events and claim that the transfer of
population Poles and Ukrainians in Eastern Europe should be regarded as
episodes of ethnic cleansing, and thus a violation of human rights. In USSR
was the totalitarian  communist regime which created  the great  famine
within the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic is called Holodomor or
“hungry mass-death” in 1933 and 6 million ukrainian farmers dyed form
starving and who survived were sent to Gulag, Siberia. Most of them are dead
by now. Their real estates, land and other properties, most farms equipments
and furniture was given to Poland. Now days they had not received any
compensation neither for properties left in Poland or their human rights had
been taken  away from them as a human and ukrainian nation. No one wants
help them to get their human rights back. Ethnic ukrainian people has no
human rights in their life only left for them to die and disappear from this
earth.   My mother’s parents were among of them as well as my mother, who
died in May 2013 could not wait any more for justice. One more victim of
this crime disappear so as many of them.   No one compensated my family for
this act. Polish Government keeps ignoring their human rights because they
are Ukrainian nationality not polish. Only polish nationality can be
repatriated back to Poland according to polish law up to now.   The status
of most of the deportees belonged to a special category of immigrants. Luck
of housing, basic necessities, medicines and food is particularly acute
affected the first batch of deportees. On arrival people were placed homes
of local residents “by condensed them”.

The purpose of the operation was the use of Polish citizens
forced labor in Kolkhoz ( collective  state farms)  agricultural system of
the USSR. According to the Soviet government documents, these people were
“exceptional economic value” – as free labor – the needs of socialist
totalitarian system, just as workers have used forced labor in Germany for
the purposes of National Socialist mechanism. People previously the owners
became slaves had to work from dawn to dusk in the Soviet state on the
boundless collective farms,  being paid “sticks workdays”  instead of
money, and could not moved anywhere without documents, so they could not
live the village.
The relocation was carried out under the direct supervision of the Minister
of Defence of Poland and Marshal R. Zhymerskoho gene. C. Mossoró, force,
using military force and was accompanied by Ukrainian disqualification on
the ground, the elimination of cultural and educational institutions, the
Greek Catholic Church and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches.

The current leadership of the Commonwealth
of Poland III (third) Resolution of the Polish Senate  the Commonwealth of
Poland of 04.16.1998 on the legal continuity between the II (second) and III
(third) the Commonwealth of Poland (Uchwala Senatu Rzeczapospolitej Polskiej
z dnia 16 kwietnia 1998 r. O ciaglosci prawnej miedzy II a III
Rzeczapospolita Polska (MP z dnia 29 kwietnia 1998 r.)): recognizes the
state formed at the end of World War II on Polish lands, which functioned in
the years 1944-1989, as of not democratic state with totalitarian system of
power that was part of  the communist  system, deprived of sovereignty and
not realizing the principles of the supremacy of the people. Thus,
management of modern Poland recognizes the crimes of the totalitarian
There is also a verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal of the Commonwealth
of Poland on December 19, 2002 (Wyrok Trybunalu Konstytucyjnego
Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z dnia 19 grudnia 2002 roku Sygn. Akt K 33/02),
which stated that the agreement on September 9, 1944 “On the evacuation of
Ukrainian population from Poland and Polish citizens from the territory of
the USSR “had no legal basis for its signature and actions related to the
implementation of its terms of forced evacuation, are illegal, because of
transaction 09.09.1944 year had no legal effect because was never published
in the «Dzienniku Ustaw» speech legislation which requires the
Commonwealth of Poland
But the Repatriation Act dated 9 November 2000, which became effective on 1
January 2001, enabled many Poles to return to their homeland who due to
deportation or other  persecution on grounds of nationality and political
opinion had not been able to settle down in Poland.
The following persons are not eligible for the repatriation visa:
1. persons who have lost Polish citizenship acquired through the
repatriation procedure pursuant to the binding act, or
2. persons who have been repatriated from the territory of the Republic of
Poland based on repatriation treaties entered into in 1944-1957 to a country
being a party to these treaties.
Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly Resolution Nr. 1481 on the Need
for international condemnation of crimes of totalitarian communist regimes
It condemned “the massive human rights violations committed by totalitarian
communist regimes and expressed sympathy, understanding and recognition for
the victims of these crimes”. It also said these violations “included
individual and collective assassinations and executions, death in
concentration camps, starvation, deportations, torture, slave labour and
other forms of mass physical terror”.
The Corrupted Government of Ukraine did not adopted a law recognizes that an
agreement of 09.09.1944 year, signed in Lublin, Poland as an  international
war and human rights crime and condemns the forced evacuation, the fact that
continues the political repression during the 71 years and not for people
who have been forcibly evacuated, but their descendants born in the USSR,
and now Ukraine, both in forced home, where they have to present severe
mental trauma due to loss of historic homeland, and material due to the
inability to use the property, which is their legacy that is in permanent
residence in Poland.
Agreement of 9 September 1944, refers to a group – war crimes and crimes
against humanity, since the conditions laid down therein and methods for
their implementation were clearly mandatory, positioned as international,
but neither side has ratified it.

The documentary film is on Youtube: (Victims of Power) and on Vimeo:
 Author and Filmaker – Oksana Sams

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