New Viral Threat

A new viral threat has been spotted globally that will have a significant effect on future generations. Uner Tan Syndrome causes mild to moderate debility among initial cases but poses greater hazards as it is passed from generation to generation through genetic adaptation. Currently aproximately half the US population is afflicted with the heretofore little known condition and incidences are increasing internationally, particularly in developed countries. Third world nations have conversely seen an opposite effect, the genetic disorder seems to be waning in those countries as education and social infrastucture improvements are made.

The disease has been little studied to date, its presence known but thought of as a benign condition with symptoms easily conflated with Tourette’s Syndrome due to the sufferer’s tendency to spontaneously voice improper language but absent the repetetive facial tics victims of Tourette’s exhibit. A tendency to Toe Walk can be further evidence of Uner Tan Syndrome and can assist in its early diagnosis.

The disease has lain dormant in human populations until recently, claims the SPLC, its return thought to be linked to poor diet and reduced activity along with a predeliction for pursuits that require little mental exertion, such as watching television or playing computer console games. It is believed to be passive in what is known as our junk DNA and becomes a pathogen through the extraordinary vector of contact with others exhibiting symptoms. The disease is posited to have a retrograde effect on its victims, causing more severe manifestations as time and exposure to others in a population continues.

Treatment is effectively a simple matter of exposure to others who have survived the disease as well as education, tolerance, a healthy diet and exercise. Travel has also been shown to have a positive effect, as has empathy for one’s fellow man.

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