Trump Plans to Nationalize Facebook / Twitter As Critical Infrastructure

President Trump, who has taken executive order to the level of fiat, is laying the groundwork to nationalize Facebook and Twitter as critical infrastructure. Based upon the concept that secure communication channels are imperative to national security concerns the president will issue a sweeping mandate in the coming weeks that permits the FCC to control a wide range of services as well as the bandwidths and airwaves that have typically been its purview. Trump’s advisers, chiefly Steve Bannon and FCC head Ajit Pai, suggested the initiative as a way to insure that communications between citizens and the government were not misconstrued.

Facebook and Twitter, having the lion’s share of the nation’s, if not the world’s population, as subscribers to their respective services, would be the first candidates for absorption. Further, the two companies have already implemented features to be used in times of emergencies that allow immediate announcements to their members, which could prove immensely valuable to all government agencies.

The companies would be nationalized under a shared exchange of responsibilities that would permit them to continue to generate profits for their shareholders while acting as government contractors.

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