Bill O’Reilly Buys Loofahs in Bulk

Banking on a bumper crop of buxom bimbos, bloviating blowhard Bill O’Reilly is now buying his loofahs in bulk. Bullied by beating back the buffets of bouts of sexual harassment lawsuits by paying them off, Big Bill is bouncing bodacious by buying a bulk order of custom sized loofahs from El Paso grower and production company Loofah Sponge USA LLC. Having paid out about !$13 million to quiet claims made against him of sexual harassment Mr. Bill says are without merit, wow, !$13 million seems like a meritorious sum to us, Mr. Bill seems to feel the soapy sudsy party may still go on and on and placed an order with the company for a dozen gross extra soft spongy 5″ round item #2007 loofahs with hanger.  He reportedly has a penchant for them.

DavidW - Publisher

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