Our Daily Choices Determine Our Ways

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Do Our Ways Please Or Offend God?

‘The way of the wicked is an abomination unto the LORD: but he loveth him that followeth after righteousness. Proverbs 15:9’

Is your lifestyle an abomination to God? Or does He love you and your righteous living? You can see the two kinds of men, and your daily choices determine which one you are. If God hates your life, you are in trouble. If He loves you, then you are greatly favored. God liked David, and what a difference that made in his life (I Chr 28:4; Ps 18:19-26).

Most cannot imagine that God hates anything, for they have been nursed since birth on the heresy that God loves them unconditionally no matter how they might live. They have never read Solomon’s inspired warnings (Pr 6:16-19; 3:32; 11:20; 12:22; 15:8; 16:5; 17:15; 28:9). They assume, God may hate the devil, but He loves me no matter what.

Here is a priceless warning from a rich and wise king. He wrote for your prosperity and success, both of which are impossible if God is against you. When God loves a person, a boy sold into slavery can take the nation’s throne, or an orphan girl can become queen, or a neutered captive can become the king’s chief advisor. Think Joseph, Esther, and Daniel.

Examine your life. Does it please or offend God? The Bible is the only standard that counts. God does not care what you think, your parents think, your pastor thinks, or what is politically correct. He is holy and righteous, and He will never approve of fools or their wicked lifestyles, ever.

It is your duty and privilege to confess your sins to God, for He will forgive and prosper you (Pr 28:13). You must learn to hate every thought that is contrary to His word, as David did (Ps 119:128). The world does not have a clue about right or wrong, especially in this generation (Is 8:20; I Tim 6:3-5). The choice is yours – and God sees everything.

God’s love is a choice, and He chooses to love some (Rom 9:14-18). It is for this very important reason that the Bible speaks of Jesus Christ loving the church (Eph 5:25), of nothing interrupting the love of God for His people (Rom 8:29-39), Jesus confirming that He would not lose a single one that God had given Him to save (John 6:38-39; 10:26-29; 17:2), and that He only lovingly chastens His children (Heb 12:6-8).

Of course, this doctrine is despised and hated. Men come into this world as fools, and most remain fools. Only those born again by the Spirit of God to tremble before God and His Word can see and believe the truth (John 3:3; 8:47). It is only they who can understand the things of God (I Cor 2:14; II Cor 4:3-4; II Thess 2:9-14). It is only they who will examine their lives, repent of known sins, and choose the path of righteousness.

Reader! The evidence that you are one of God’s elect and beloved in heaven is your pursuit of righteous living (II Pet 1:5-11; I Thess 1:2-4; Matt 7:21-23). Turn from the wicked ways of this world and follow the strait and narrow way He has defined for you in the Bible (Matt 7:13-14). You will be blessed and prospered in this world and the next.


Doruvu Paul Jagan Babu

International Correspondent for The Yellow Press