I Love You Mary Magdalene

I love you Mary Magdalene,

even though you’ve slipped, and wear a scarlet letter, on your buttoned white shirt, with your plaid skirt hips.

I love your nut brown tresses, and luscious ruby mouth, your so bodacious bustline, your morals that went south.

Mary when you’re on your knees, praying or whatever, your halo has such a holy shine, it shakes me to my liver.

Mary talk to god for me, tell him I repent, and if he don’t forgive me, tell him to get bent.

After all I’m only human, mighty apt to sin, but you can save me Mary, open your heart and let me in.

Our wicked souls are broken, waiting for a fix, the path is hard and narrow, and full of lonely tricks.

I’ll drink the holy water, scarify my flesh, repeat the sacred vespers, just allow me to be fresh.

I love you Mary Magdalene, no one else but you, I love you Mary Magdalene, I really truly do.

Aaron S

Just a concerned citizen shaping the future.