Servants Must Protect Masters From Lies

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Overcome Lies With Truth

‘If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked. Proverbs 29:12’

The proverb says that servants must protect master from lies. Leaders promote good or evil by their influence. Authority carries responsibility, for sin by one in power will lead many more to also sin due to the sway he holds over people. As a flock of cranes follows just one taking flight, so go people.

Solomon taught his son about political science. To provide a godly government in the future, he warned about the power of influence from top down. Two factors multiply a ruler’s sins – scandal and example – the news flies faster and farther, and many follow it.

Lying is the chosen sin, though the rule applies to any wickedness allowed by those in authority. Leaders should be men of truth (Pr 16:13). If they do not demand honesty and truth in their dealings, dishonesty will spread far and wide. Leaders are flattered constantly, but they must not give any heed to such lies lest it corrupt others. Overcome lies with truth.

It is your duty to protect those in authority from lies. Employees must protect employers from lies from any source, even if a boss is enamored with a false idea. Children are not tattlers, when they inform a parent of a lying sibling. Due to human limitations, those in authority need the persons around them to protect them from efforts to deceive them.

Rather than hear or tell lies, leaders in high authority must be men of truth that diligently search out matters (Pr 25:2). They should never tolerate a lie (Pr 12:22). David was such a king, and he would not allow dishonest men near him (Ps 101:3-8). It is this scrupulous care for righteousness and truth that preserves rulers (Pr 16:12).

Honesty and truth are only part of righteousness that will suffer under a compromising or wicked ruler. Solomon also taught that the foolishness of breaking down economic and professional distinctions is folly promoted from the top down (Ec 10:5-7). A look at most governments and nations should show how their leaders’ character is spread downward.

This rule of political wisdom is also true in reverse. A leader with wicked counselors will corrupt his own integrity and his administration (Pr 25:4-5). Thus, a wicked first lady is dangerous, as Jezebel with Ahab (I Kgs 21:25). On this basis, Solomon wisely gave orders early in his reign to eliminate Abiathar, Joab, Shimei, and Adonijah.

This lesson is also for parents. Any compromise you allow will spread. Big hypocrites beget little hypocrites. If you honor or protect a child that sins, you will promote sin among your children, no matter what you say. Children learn more by emulation than education. It was a proverb in Israel, As is the mother, so is her daughter. Parent, beware.

To save the churches of God from this wise rule of corrupting influence, Paul charged Timothy to take heed to his personal life, lest failure to do so would corrupt those under his ministerial care (I Tim 4:16). And when he ordained men to the office of minister, he was to be very careful that he only ordained pure and spotless men (I Tim 5:22).

Jesus Christ is true and faithful; He is a King that hates liars and lies. He will cast them all into the lake of fire (Rev 21:8,27). Because He loved righteousness, God exalted the scepter and throne of His kingdom forever (Heb 1:8-9). Put all your trust in Him for time and eternity. He will overthrow all lying kings (Eccl 5:8).


Doruvu Paul Jagan Babu

International Correspondent for The Yellow Press