N Korea Tested Sonic Weapon In Cuba

North Korea is responsible for the harming of US diplomats in Cuba. The sonic weapon used was a prototype device designed to concentrate supersonic and subsonic frequencies to a single, targeted point in order to damage or disrupt its target. The device was used by North Korean operatives posing as ambassadors on a humanitarian mission to Cuba and smuggled into the country in two suitcases claimed as not subject to inspection. Testing of the weapon was carried out from the hotel where the attache was housed, directly across the boulevard from the US embassy. The device consist of a larger central processor and two discrete directional amplifiers and is typically deployed in a triad formation, each unit separated by several meters allowing the sound waves to be focused on a single, remote point, from 3 to 100 meters distant. The American embassy is about 30 meters from the hotel where the operators occupied three rooms on two floors of the property. The Koreans correctly assumed that thier tests would be successfully blamed upon the Cuban government and had left the country with all equipment prior to complaints by American officials. Testing previously done in North Korea before the weapons use in Cuba had been carried out on several prisoners and critics of Kim Jong Ills regime resulting in thier deaths from internal damage to the brain or other soft tissue. The testing done on the US staff was done to confirm its efficacy at lower, undetectable levels of use. Sources tell us that a mix of hard rock music from Metallica, Ted Nugent and others was used to create the sonic patterns used.

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