Simple Rule For Honour And Riches

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Brevity, Wisdom, Value, And Clarity For Strength And Graciousness

‘A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches. Proverbs 11:16’

Here is one of the best proverbs. It has a simple rule for women to be great and a simple rule for men to be great, in just a few words. If you rank proverbs by brevity, wisdom, value, and clarity, this is one of the best. Love these ten words and the wisdom they give.

Dear woman, do others love and praise you? If so, you are gracious. If they do not, you are odious (Pr 30:21-23). The rule is simple. To have a good name and be held in loving favour by others, you need to learn graciousness and diligently practice it (Pr 22:1,11).

Graciousness will cause people to love and respect you. They will mark you as charming, enjoy your company, desire your friendship, praise your spirit, and use you as an example of virtue. A lack of graciousness will keep these traits from you. The rule is simple.

Dear man, have your assets grown over the years? If so, you are strong. If not, you are weak. The rule is simple. If you need better financial growth, you need to correct your financial weaknesses, which are taught in this book of Proverbs (Pr 12:11).

Strength keeps men from the temptations to waste and lose money. A strong man is not vulnerable to financial foolishness. It is weakness that causes men to spend too much, chase vanity, neglect saving, and pursue foolish ideas that bring loss. The rule is simple.

If you quickly read this proverb without assessing your life, you are foolish, rebellious, and arrogant. This is God’s holy word! If you flunk the rule for your sex, you must make whatever changes are needed to obey the wisdom given here. This is God’s holy word!

Dear reader, a woman is that wonderful creature God made for Adam (Gen 2:18). Well behaved, she is his most desirable possession (Pr 12:4). Poorly behaved, she is more bitter than death (Eccl 7:26), the world cannot stand her (Pr 30:21-23), and her stench cannot be hid (Pr 27:15-16). Even beauty cannot cover an odious woman (Pr 11:22), so a woman of average looks without graciousness is a terrible pain to humanity.

Christian man! Here is your calling: “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong” (I Cor 16:13). Jesus Christ’s religion is not for foolish men or for the faint of heart. Apply yourself diligently to retain and display the grace of God in word and deed and to defend the apostolic faith until Jesus Christ returns, without losing any of either.

The Lord Jesus Christ was the ultimate Man in both graciousness and strength. No other man ever spoke with the graciousness He did (Ps 45:2), and He did not lose a single sinner given by God to Him to save (Jn 6:39). It is your high privilege and duty to learn of Him and follow His glorious and prosperous example.


Doruvu Paul Jagan Babu

International Correspondent for The Yellow Press