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The Yellow Press needs reporters that tell it like it is, or should be.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

We are looking for reporters, photographers, columnists, cartooney people, mystics, provocateurs, cooks, crusaders and just plain Joes to cover topics near and dear to their hearts whether those topics are personal, local, global, trivial or universal in their import. What resonates with you will have an impact on others.

Do you want to stand idly by while the liars and ne’re do wells prosper and propagate, lording it over us, dooming us to serfdom, rapaciously extracting our hard-won monies, in sums both large and small til they have even stripped of us the very precious time we spend upon this earth, or are you willing to speak out loudly, make your voice heard, to drive the sleazy phony ones from their hidey holes and subject their sordid debaucheries and wanton gluttonous activities to the harsh bright, sanitizing light of day?

Be a reporter.

Stringers/Tipsters don’t need to join, joining us would be nice though, to undertake any assignment they see fit by using the “Report News” page. We’ll review all submissions, maybe edit a bit, and publish with your byline if it passes muster.

Reporters,  those who join us and want to help in fighting the good fight, will be granted the ability to self publish, within limits, and will retain those privileges as long as we don’t smell alcohol on their breath or insanity in their pieces. Reporters can also obtain ‘Press Credentials’ from The Yellow Press that identify them as members of the working press. See the Press Credentials Page for details.

Editors are granted permissions and have supervisory abilities far beyond those of their human, working stiff  reporter brethren. Having joined us and proven their mettle as reporters, the pathways to editorship are opened. They will have the ability to set the tone and timbre of their respective departments and edit and parse the articles posted therein. Editors will work directly with the editor-in-chief to create an online news/entertainment-magazine of the highest possible quality and lowest possible expectations,  within earthly constraints. Editors may obtain Press Credentials  as well.

Report the news and let all the world see that the coins taken from our pockets have built the lofty opulent Mcmansions and gilded the excessive golden bathroom fixtures of these haughty few that claim to rule us. Point an accusatory digit at those out who discount our health, our  simple happiness and break our bodies for their gain and scar the humble, giving earth we all should so equally share that they may sample rare pies of humming bird tongue and bathe in champagne with voluptuous nubile sprites.  Strip the gaudy medals, peaked hats, heavy braided uniforms and spangles from their gross, aged and debilitated bodies and let us all see them for the low, craven shriveled  blotchy worms they truly are. Yea, yet remember that there are those whose lapses are merely human, and kindly address the errors of their ways and lead them back to the primrose path.  Still these things must be told, if only as a way to keep us all honest, so get the facts, lay them out, be tactful but never forget.

Yep, there are many ways to become  involved, tipsters, leakers and secret sources are more than welcome but should be advised that as our resources are currently limited it would be difficult for us to guarantee your safety or anonymity should your information be of such significance that it would attract the scrutiny of official or determined concerns. Maybe we could work something out. Truly most of us have little to fear but fear itself.

Be a photojournalist.

Photographers, videographers, your works belong here. The thousand words saved we are grateful for. The succinct, concise, direct nature of a visual effort is a rare skill due its own laurels. A brief textual explanation or caption is often helpful.  Our resources are meager at this point and you should download works in as compact a form as possible. Media hosted elsewhere, such as at Photobucket or YouTube is preferable as our resources are meager. Posting a photo or video is mostly self explanatory but email us for instructions if need be. Photojournalists are eligible for press credentials.

Work in the the press, The Yellow Press

Artists of all stripes are welcome. Art enriches us, allows us different views of our beautiful world unconstrained by the dimming boundaries we often self-impose. The Yellow Press is news and entertainment, and perhaps enlightenment as well. No closed doors here, only half-addled open mindedness.

Steps to succeed in The Yellow Press are simple and straightforward. We are intent on building a community that is healthy and interesting. We’ll take some spots on our apples if it leaves us the birds and the bees. Join us and the first few things you submit will be reviewed prior to posting but after that you can find your role expanded to allow instant publishing of your content. Screw up and you’re history. (Or back to editorial review status for a bit.)

Our resources are miniscule, but together, working with a will, we are all enriched. If you have something to say, something to show, something that means the world to you though the world is indifferent we can help. Contact us with the simplest or most complex of concerns, and we’ll do what we can.  Our website has been developed using WordPress, a powerful, ubiquitous platform that is intuitive and easy to use. A wealth of instructional information can be had by searching the web but if you need guidance please use our contact form. If your issues are something else entirely, contact us anyway, we love communication.

You Have Power, and responsibility. As with all who dare to put in black and white words or works for all the world to see, your works are your own. We want to help you share them, but we know ultimately, they’re yours. We’ll put them up for the world to use, but you get the accolades, and the blame.

You are either us or you are them. Be one of us. Be The Yellow Press.

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