Bosses All Liars

Ask any man that works for a living, that is someone who uses both his back and  his brain and he’ll tell you he didn’t need a scientific sdtuy to prove it, it’s just a simple fact; the boss is only the boss because he’s q better liar than  anyone else. But we now have the study anyway, and it proves that not only are they better liars, they have no conscience about it and thusly, are even better liars, ad infinitum.

This study, from the Columbia School of Business verifies that people in power have fewer compunctions about stretching the truth and give out fewer clues to their perfidy and that it is almost in direct correlation to thier lack of conscience and the amount of power they wield.

Professor Dana R. Carney, who studies social judgment and decision making, noticed that in a different area of scientific study, psychologists have observed that power — defined as control over others’ social or monetary outcomes and always accompanied by feelings of power — enhances cognitive functions and makes people feel good. The effects of feeling powerful are precisely the inverse of those that most people experience when they lie.

The study discovered that not only were the liars more apt to be in the positions of power but that simply putting a person in a position of power led them to become a better liar. Much like other experiments that have shown that when an authority figure condones pathological behavior people feel free to perform actions that would otherwise become unconscionable, this study proves that merely vesting power in an individual, corrupts them.

It is the opinion of this reporter that you should never trust a suit, (or a uniform, especially if it’s one of those medal covered green ones favored by South American dictators), even if you are the one wearing it.

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