Sam BrownBack,US. Senator, Kansas Landon Lecture , And Kansas governor

Sam BrownBack, Governor of the State of Kansas, has created some issues that he himself and his administration are querky on. He proposes that families who are not “married, have almost zero ability of being able to raise children, and that this is a major cause of ,poverty. An that to fight poverty one of two options exist, 1. work or 2. marriage. Now converging on Mr, Brownbacks history, where does marriage and work come into being? BrownBack idea of marriage is probley where he fundamentalized the idea that marriage is the key to fight poverty.

BrownBack married (nee Stauffer) when he married her he married into her family for money, her family owned and operated a very successful media company, then sold the company in 1995. BrownBack also advocates that when the man marries the woman then the man strengthens the financial situation, do to he makes more money, than the woman, and that the single parent home without the man is weak and could not exist at a level of success.

BrownBack claims that after the birth of a child only 17% of poor mothers remain poor if the mother marries the father. that means that 83% of mothers become better off. I know that BrownBack is of course in the 17% racket, because the mother did not become better off, she wound up paying for and financing her husbands dream of office, that is why she sold the profitable media company she owned.

BrownBack claims that work is the other key element to getting out of poverty, nowhere does he mention anything about schooling, it is not on his un-nobel list. Now, did Brownback attend public schooling, or any schooling to attain his present job, yes, he did. But remember school is not the key to becoming a lawyer, owe, did I forget to mention that BrownBack is also a lawyer?

Let us look at his position on schooling, but first let us look at his idea that single parent homes can not operate within a budget. If he is so all knowing, then he would be within the state budget for the State of Kansas, now that budget is $510 million in the hole, and he has a big budget, but of course in his eyes if he is un-able to do it then so is everyone else unless they are married in for the money. BrownBack married the State of Kansas to spend up all the money as he did his wifes money, owe yeah of course he did not marry Kansas or did he. He did, he married the state and went to bed with the State the sold out the State of Kansas, like his first wife had to sell her company.

BrownBack is a horrible sales man, he next plans on selling “children, he appointed , Robert Moser, and the plan they have hatched is to take children from homes of single parent homes and to move from the one room and church adoption agency to all across America of adopting out children, he has over 5,000 children up for sale on the web now, he does not care who buys, as long as your not a single parent and aslong as your married to money.

BrownBack can not finish destroying one thing without destroying another, he does not want yopu to have education, and build a dream for your self he wants you to work and work and work, no-education, for all the people who are already owning 70% of America, work for them, get a job, do not go to school, do not follow in his steps, and Graduate from Kansas University to become not a worker but a attorney.

Matter of fact to seal it, BrownBack has destroyed hundreds of schools in Kansas to prove his point, no-public education, get a job.



George Horatio Smith

To be basic at first, I would love to be a writer/reporter.

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  • 2012/09/13 at 20:33

    More to come about Sam BrownBack, soon, he is one of the SS that was allowed to join the original America secret agency, that was fundamentalized through Nazi, induction into the USA. This group still runs a impasse in the United States, and Sam BrownBack carries this ungratefull ideology in the United States under austensible ideas. And his real name is stolen, and was a executed Jewish man.

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