Believe the Lie

The Russian press has a whole different take on the scandal involving rock band Pussy Riot than what is seen in the western world. Read it here. More evidence that the media controlling the message shapes our view of the world. The Russian band is portrayed in the west as bold, if naive in its efforts to protest Vladimir Putin’s demonic control over the country’s people and resources. (Maybe Putin ain’t so bad, all we know is what we’re told.) The girls in the band made a poor choice in using the church as a part of their protest, the populace reveres its beliefs, much as we do here, they skewed up. Russian authorities were able to use this against them, aided by the message in the media. Point of the lesson: Control the message.

Get your news from Fox, you could be under their control. Everything you know you learned from PBS, well Bert and Ernie, you are their willing slave. CNN, LOGO, the Washington Post, the Readers Digest, Wall St Journal, Utne Reader, they all have a slant and the only way to know if a Christmas  tree is standing straight is to view it from more than one angle. The only way to understand someone is to walk a mile in their shoes. The conservatives would have us believe that tolerance is weakness and the the liberals would have us tolerating madness. Time to stop listening to these fools and reclaim the hard-nosed wisdom we’ve always had, the tolerance and acceptance of the minor foibles of our species and the blunt rejection of those practices detrimental to us. How, control the message.

What do you really know about Julian Assange, truth might be that he’s a real world hero, the son of a parent who was persecuted in her own country for views unpopular with the government if power. Maybe Mr. Assange is providing a forum for the small voices of reason who rail against the corrupt machine. Watch the video of him by drooling wannabe hangman 60 Minute interviewer Steve Kroft, aka Jabba the Hut. Maybe the charges against were dug up to shut him up, to give the US the opportunity to extradite him and try him for some dreamt-up, trumped up charge of espionage. Or maybe the rape charges are valid and he’s using his notoriety to circumvent the Swedish legal system.

The US did get caught with its pants down. Maybe Bradly Manning is a hero as well, after all don’t we cherish the military man’s right to refuse an illegal order, don’t we all praise the person who exposes corruption and abuse of power. No, we pay lip service to these ideals and ruin their lives, treat them like dirt. No whistle blower goes unpunished in the real world. Just what kind of treatment is Bradly Manning receiving, is he getting a fair trial, is he being held before trial in humane conditions, presumed innocent? Is this country’s behavior towards these two much different than a two year prison sentence for a protest song?

How much do you really know? How much of what you see is true? Obama a Muslim, smoker, communist? Romney a cult leader, corrupt businessman, polygamist? The best intel comes from someone in the know, you know, tell the rest of us.

End the hypocrisy, at The Yellow Press we’ll let you tell your side of the story, whatever the slant. Join us in getting out the message. The truths behind the equivocations, the facts behind the lies, and more importantly the lies that expose the frauds. Tell those lies. Use us to get your own message out. Don’t be a Pussy, Riot!

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Raised in obscurity and completely entranced with the notion that we should live our lives with the same valuable ethic that a conscientious hiker would, leaving no trace.

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