Wynn Wins Trumps Trump

In the strange game of one upsmanship that the uber-wealthy of America play it appears that gambling billionaire Steve Wynn has beaten would-be P.T. Barnum type showman Donald Trump with a challenge far surpassing the once financially, and possibly morally bankrupt comb-over artists meager five million dollar ante. Trump announced this week he would pay $5 million dollars for President Barack Obama to release his college transcripts and passport records, which are rumored to contain information that would reveal the Presidents true citizenship status. Playing a full house, three Kochs and a pair of Cubans, Wynn easily beat Trump with an offer of $60 million dollars to anyone who could provide the same records or other similar information relevant to Obamas provenance. Wynn himself has ponied up $20 million, and called in favors from the three Koch brothers and Mark Cuban and his wife for $20 million each to round out the offer for $60 million.

Wynn, an American businessman whose holdings include several Las Vegas hotel properties considers the offer a pretty safe bet. “Obama’s not going to take up Trumps offer for a measly $5 mil.” he tells The Yellow Press, “He’s having too much fun hosting $4,700 a plate fund raisers at the White House and watching Beyonce shake her booty. That’s why he ran for the office, he’s trying to show his wife a good time, have a little fun, live in style. Trump’s money is chump change, Obama can make that by funneling a little federal money to a battery company. Heck, he might not even be interested in our $60 mil offer, that’s why it’s open to anyone who can provide the information.” Wynn says. “We stand to recoup that money if the truth is revealed and Obama is not re-elected. The economy will improve and all of our businesses will be more profitable.” Wynn has been a vocal critic of the president and his proposals to tax the wealthy.

It has been widely rumored that Obama is not eligible to hold executive office, having no substantive proof of US citizenship. From the initial murky facsimile of a Hawaii birth certificate through his enrollment at Columbia University as a foreign exchange student and his reported counterfeit passport application documents, his citizenship claims have been in question. Several  investigations made into the matter have concluded he is not a legal resident of the country and ineligible to hold office.



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