Four Bucks and Full at Denny’s

wpid-2013-03-11-20.24.56.jpgPay for a high dollar spread at some swanky fru fru joint or dig in for cheap at Denny’s. A man has gotta eat, and that for at least two or three times a day for sixty years or so . Do the math, less on fuel means more on fun. Healthy, sorta, tasty too, although there wasn’t any parsley. The sliced half pie thing is a quesadilla with a bit of fresh salsa at it’s apex. Dish is served with a dollop of sour cream in a little bowl and when dipped or spread with the garnishes is perfectly tasty. Just jack or colby, but in a seared tortilla it was good. The smaller dish is buscuits and gravy, sausage based, and a fair amount of hash browns. Water, in a glass, best stuff to swill at any meal, doesn’t pollute or dim the taste. Cholula hot sauce as an accent, less vinegar than the better known brand, not as sabroso as Bufalo Chipotle, Mexicos best selling condiment and hands down the most desireable hat sauce in the world, oh how I love that Bufalo Chipotle and its roasted pepper taste, but still good. Two bucks a dish, total four, and filling.

DavidW - Publisher

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