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typ43Finding an affordable attorney can be a difficult task if the circumstances of your case are out of the ordinary or deal with conditions unfamiliar to the courts. Cases involving well known medical issues such as those involving automobile accidents and treatment costs for injury and rehabilitation are handled by specialty lawyers that customarily limit their practice to recovery of medical costs and claims involving pain and suffering. Firms handling class action cases rarely accept clients whose medical conditions do not fall within a rigid set of pre-defined conditions, like the side effects caused by drugs like Paxil, Prozac, Cymbalta and Zoloft or the harmful, often  painful results caused by faulty medical devices like the Hamblin-Keps posterior reticulated endoscope. Finding an attorney can be simple, web searches for Paxil side effects, side effects of Prozac, Cymbalta side effects in women, Zoloft side effects or reticulated posterior due to improper endoscope use will often result in providing information about the conditions as well as a number of links to law firms accustomed to dealing with cases of a similar nature.

If however, your need for an attorney is dire and your case not one the courts are familiar with, for example a client with a case of Morgellons disease may find it difficult to find legal representation due to the rarity and less conclusive nature of the condition. The following tips for finding an affordable lawyer to handle out of the ordinary cases may help make your task easier.

  • Attorneys that arrange consultations in bookstores and coffee shops show concern for keeping costs and overhead to a minimum.
  • Lawyers that are heavily tattooed or bedecked with body decoration will have learned their trade in penal institutions and will take no guff from any wimpy corporate briefcase toter.
  • A buxom secretary is always a good sign.
  • An attorney with alcohol on his/her breath at an early hour shows a dedication to career seldom found in true professionals.
  • Frequent bathing is a sign of vanity and egocentricity.
  • Any attorney reminiscent of the character Ken Bowden, who Bill Murray portrayed in the movie ‘Wild Things’ should be retained on the spot.

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