Big Banana Claims Another Victim


Carny hucksters used the big banana hustle to swindle another innocent vivtim out of his life savings.
Tossing ball after ball into a basket Neps Gilford felt fairly confident he could win  the big one, a big banana the size of the Oscar-Meyer weinermobile.
That is until the heat was on and he had money in the game.
$876,425 that is, dropped over a period of four days at the Lingstrom county fair in Gawmeeps Ohio.
He kept getting so close, so close to winning the plush-covered styrofoam peanut filled prize that game after game he tried led him to drop more moola in the futile attempt.
Left with no life savings and a mortgage and property taxes he can ill afford Gilford is still upbeat, as anyone would be who had the naevete to do such a thing would be.

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