special ritual at guruvayur sree krishna temple

Thousands of devotees thronged the temple in view of the auspicious day in which abhisekam of the idol of lord Krishna was held with kalabham (perfumed sandal paste) for several years now. This ritual at the temple is being offered by the Zamorin of Kozhikode. As many as 13 priests from different  families associated with the temple mix the perfumed sandal paste for abisekam .The kalabham is kept in pots made of ghee before the idol Thereafter kalabham is poured over the idol of lord Sree Krishna and abisekam done.The special mix of sandal for the ritual is made using mysore sandal, saffron powder brought from Kashmir green campher, rose water and musk.All these componens are used to make kalabham in the temple on regular days. For preparing the special sandal for the kalabhattam ritual, these components are doubled in quantity     

By: k.mohan

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