Preservation of endangered languages

RDBurman_and_Asha_Bhosle_MI'81Exploring the need to preserve language the dept of linguistics of kerala university has archived 25 languages including byare in audio and video formats of the 25 endangered languages 15 were studio recorded in thiruvanathapuram said shijith technical officer of department of linguistics who led the project.The team has prepared a list of 60 questions based on which they interviewed the native speakers of the languages mostly in english and recorded the version they gave in response. The questionnaire was prepared based on matters.that came up for general the voice of native speakers were recorded their typical accent could be preserved One byari speaker from Coimbatore was identified and recorded the language in both audio and video format the team travelled to malappuram where they could pick up three old age people who are native speakers of the language.It is said to have gained popularity during the time of moplah riots. From kannur they got three speakers of maljaishaba said to be a code language used among wrestlers

By: k.mohan

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