wooden elephants business on the decline

wood elephantsWooden elephants made in cherpu witnessed golden age during 1975 when the products were much sought after in international markets especially in japan and Canada . There were 300 carpenters engaged in making wooden elephants but the number has come down to nearly 25 over the years,most of whom are aged people. According to sajitha secretary of cherpu carpenters co-op society only 10people work under society at present.They get RS 900 for three days of work for making one foot high elephant.The amount was low due to which others hesitate to enter the field she added. Now elephants are made of rosewood and rain tree.Those of rosewood are costlier. Carpenters who work outside the control of the society also rue the high price of wood.We cannot afford to buy rosewood which forces us to rely on rain tree said sivaraman president of cherpu carpenters co-op society.Moreover the kerala state handicrafts society and the govt should take initiative to save the tradition.It is time that funds have to be allotted to start a training center to impart training to youth in wooden elephant making he added

By: k.mohan

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