Rednecks and Hicks Plan National Day of Revolt

atvHot on the heels of several successful events which have undermined the authority of the United States government on its own soil, a number of organizations have planned a national day of revolt for June 12th, 2014. The organizations, some as large as the Independence Freedom Riders, a group of motorcyclists that sponsor nationwide  armed urban resistance training camps, and as small as the Winthrop Wild Warriors, a loose group of anti-conservationists in Washington state that advocates for abolition of all wilderness areas chose the date for its anniversary, the date when Ronald Reagan proclaimed, “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!” The groups are paraphrasing the  slogan as, “Let’s tear down these laws!”

Emboldened by armed protesters ability to thwart the BLM’s efforts to evict a wealthy rancher’s cattle from federally managed lands in Nevada, and the looming protests in Blanding, Utah that serve to undermine the BLM’s restrictions on running roughshod over antiquities and Native American ruins by redneck, beer drinking atv riders, the planned day includes trail rides and unlicensed hunting in most of the nation, and graffiti and building code infractions in major cities. Most of the activities planned seem to be a direct contradiction of the wishes of the law abiding majority of the American public, but whadda ya gonna do?

One of the protests leaders, Billy Hardesty,  explained it this way, “In my fathers time we made our own laws. If we wanted something, we took it. If it belonged to someone else, he should of held on to it.  Now we tried the golden rule, maybe it’s time for the gunning rule.” Another leader explained it this way, “When Cliven decided to make a better profit by skimping on the grazing fees, well that ain’t no different than the big corporations cutting  little over the line on their timber leases. In the olden days if ya broke tha law the deputy came after ya. If he didn’t bring you in it was the sheriff’s job and if the sheriff couldn’t do it than the state troopers paid you a visit. And if you could hold off the troopers, well, the national guard and the army and the US Marines and the whole navy, air force and CIA came blazin in an turned you into a little smokin ash. Well, those days are done. We got our freedom now and we’ll do as we please and the government can go suck eggs.”

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