Kate Middleton’s Royal Bottom Photoshopped

buttWhen Rupert Murdoch had his Australian newspaper, the Sydney Daily Telegraph, publish the breeze-revealed bottom of royal Kate Middleton he made a special request first. Murdoch, who is getting on in years, and has never really shown anything but a knack for profiteering by catering to the lowest common denominator, asked that the Duchess of Cambridge’s posterior be given a few flaws. Speculation about the reasons for the computer alterations range from the idea that the changes would make her seem more to the liking of the common people, who Murdoch target markets, to the idea that  it will live the story more legs with the possibility for future updates from a slough of professed ‘medical experts’ to the more likely explanation that it’s just the way ol Rupert likes em. Fierce criticism of the alleged photo-shopping has largely centered upon the fact that the Duchess should be allowed her day in the sun and not subjected to the leering glares of bloodshot rheumy old men.

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