Dr. Oz Gave Me Cancer

Dr. OzFollowing the revelation that the advice of TV doctors, including raspberry ketones pitchman Dr. Mehmet Oz, should be taken with a heavy grain of sodium chloride, viewers of the popular programs are coming forward with horror stories about how following these physicians advice has caused them pain and suffering.

Maybell Bovina of Lawrence, Kansas relates that heeding the advice of Dr. Oz gave her cancer. Forty pounds overweight, taking into consideration her bone structure, Maybell began a strict regimen of consuming raspberries, raspberry juice and raspberry flavored products in an effort to lose weight. “I had a raspberry smoothie for breakfast, with raspberry scones.” Mrs. Bovina said. “For lunch I ate a light salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and had a raspberry diet soda. At dinner I had to get rather creative because my husband wouldn’t stand for the healthy food routine but he didn’t mind the roast beef, prime rib and pork chops with raspberry glaze as long as there were plenty of potatoes and creamed corn. I did have to get him his own container of Rocky Road ice cream though because he wasn’t much for the raspberry sherbet, being a rancher and all.” She said. “For a while I was pleased with the results, I did lose weight. I went from 242 down to 200 pounds, which was my goal, I’m five foot two inches tall. But then the weight just kept coming off. My husband said I looked like a bag of bones. I wasn’t too worried until I could see the outline of my hyoid bone, I had to look it up on Dr. Oz’s website, and that spooked me. My own doctor confirmed what I was afraid of, I had cancer and it was going to kill me if we didn’t take action. The first thing we did, we threw out everything raspberry in the house, the frozen, the dried, the juice, the sherbet, my but that was hard to see go! We even made the kids stop sticking their tongues out and making the noise.” Maybell added. “It was slow going but gradually I began to improve. My chilblains diminished, my hammertoe vanished and even my bunions improved though they haven’t gone away entirely. I started to gain weight and although I weigh 23 pounds more than when I started Dr. Oz’s foolish diet I feel happy.” She said. “My advice is that just because someone is on TV, like Dr. Oz or that Cheney fellow is no reason to believe them.”

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