Baby Needs New Shoes

harold-and-sue-ann-hamm bWell, someone’s gotta pay. After 25 years of, well who really knows what goes on behind closed doors, billionaire Harold Hamm and attorney wife Sue Ann Arnall are trying to divide the spoils of their $8 billion fortune equitably. Hamm, in a moment of delirium, wrote a check for about $1 billion to settle. Anall, in a moment of delirium refused the about $1 billion to settle. (Us poor folks are right about now thinking either, heck she should settle for a cheeseburger and fries and be done with it, or, take the about $1 billlllllion and get some Manolo Blahniks, or, in a moment of equanimity, maybe she helped amass the pile and thus deserves half.) But us poor folks don’t really think straight. About $1 bazillion smackers seems like a lot to turn down no matter the circumstances and that’s why the thing is making the news rounds.

They made their pile in the oil biz, that dirty extraction industry that ruins and pollutes the land and seascape so we can drive monster-mobiles roughshod over the land and seascapes and mow and weed the yard in a genteel fashion rather than with sickle  and hoe. Investing heavily in the industry located where the Bakken deposit lay, they both became well off. She still has her looks, and brains, apparently, and he, well men are like jeeps. to quote Elaine, a character from the Seinfeld show. This should make for good tabloid fodder but this editor hopes it plays out fast and amicably, after all, who among us would wish to have all our peccadilloes aired publicly, or worse yet, that and see a nasty little scrum where the lawyers get it all?

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