Trump And The Case For War

trumpPresumptive president elect Donald Trump has recently presided over a meeting with his campaign advisers in which the subject of restoring the supremacy of the United States to the forefront of the world stage through military action and an unapologetic use of force to maintain that position. While none of the participants, several of whom have been advanced as possible cabinet members and officers of his administration, would not be quoted on the record The Yellow Press has been informed on the substance of the meeting, details of which will be released during Trumps acceptance speech for the upcoming Republican National convention.

In an effort to undo the years of devastating setbacks caused by the current Obama administration which witnessed the leader of the world’s most powerful nation granting concessions and bowing in obeisance to several minor world leaders, Trump has put forth a no-nonsense position which will broach no insult from such petty despots as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and the leaders of Mao’s Communist China. In territorial disputes, like the recent simulated dive bombing attack on an American warship in international waters by Russian fighter jets, American commanders will be instructed to take a shoot first and ask questions later attitude to all potentially threatening behaviors by other nation’s forces. All of the US’s borders will be re drafted to the borders as they were established in 1962, prior to the Cuban missile crisis. While none of these borders have been formally ceded to our adversaries, concessions have been made that de-facto have allowed other countries to trespass upon and lay claim to the US’s possessions for the last several decades. particularly egregious to Trump’s committee are the porosity of the nations border with Mexico and Canada where the full force of our military might will be brought to bear to seal the tidal wave of illegal immigrants that has flooded our country taken even the option of honest manual labor from our poor along with their ability to pull themselves up by their own  bootstraps. Internationally contested areas will also be defended to the utmost of our abilities and areas like the south China sea, the Philippines, Guantanamo Bay, the Panama canal and other areas will be fully protected. Furthermore American companies and their holdings will receive the same  protections through an increase in military spending as well as a substantial increase in the number of troops. Talk also encompassed the possible recapture and repossession of several industries that were nationalized by various nations, i.e. Argentina’s and Peru’s nationalization of Standard Oil’s refineries and operations in the mid 1970’s.

The US will also revisit the terms of war. Trump stated he has no qualms about backtracking on President Obama’s rejection of the use of nuclear force. “War is ugly,” He said, “and there are no rules. Winning is the only option.”


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