AISF Removes Obscene Posters

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AISF Swings Into Action

Proddatur (GR-TYP-BIN): AISF removed the obscene posters pasted on the nearby walls of schools and colleges on Friday. ‘Cine exhibitors are running vulgar shows and pasting these obscene posters in the main junctions of town to pull the youth to the theatres’, said AISF Convener Ramesh, Former District Secretary P. Subbarayudu. They protested against the display of posters since they have an adverse influence on the youth.

‘The exhibitors themselves should remove the posters, otherwise we will take up the agitations in front of the theaters’, they warned.

They removed the vulgar posters in Gandhi Road, Rajiv Gandhi Circle and Super Bazaar Road. AISF leaders Sudhakar, Sharath and others participated in the event.


D P Sathya Prakash

Senior Reporter

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