Vaagdevi Students’ Rally Against Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the main contributors of Dengue.
Mosquitoes are the main contributors of Dengue.

Importance Of Cleanliness Highlighted

Proddatur (GR-TYP-BIN): Students of Vaagdevi Institute of Technology & Science (VITS) held a rally for the eradication of mosquitoes with a theme of ‘Attack on Mosquitoes – Cleanliness’ in Peddashettipalli on Friday. The students explained the symptoms of Dengue, required measures for test and treatment, and importance of cleanliness during the rally.

Speaking on the occasion, VITS Principal Dr. S Govindarajulu explained how to take preventive measures for protecting from a mosquitoe’s bite. He urged the people to maintain cleanliness always to have a healthy environment. He stressed that poor sanitation is one of the main reasons for the prevalence of Dengue and other related fevers.

NSS Officer Peeraiah, Narasimha Swamy, Asst. Professors and Students participated in the rally.


D P Sathya Prakash

Senior Reporter

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