McDonalds to Partner With 18 National Feedlots

The fine print in McDonalds recent announcement that it was bringing fresh ground beef to it’s burger menu is that in order to keep up with anticipated demand it has partnered with US feedlot operator, Bartlett and Company for, literally, finishing services. McDonalds sales have been slumping as its market share in the highly competitive fast food business has been eroded by such innovative competitors as Starbucks, which vends a highly addictive stimulant, Carls and Hardees, which until recently has promised a more salacious product than merely burger and fries, (see related news), and Taco Bell, who can do no wrong with it’s 99cent Frito burrito. The switch from clinky hard frozen circular discs of macerated bovine to freshly pulped pink slime necessitated production in closer proximity to its major markets so McDonalds selected Bartlett and Company as a key partner in their supply chain. The alternatives of having a small livestock pen out back near the dumpster and equipping store managers or new hires with a ball peen hammer and filet knife, or paying Javier Bardem a per diem plus expenses were ruled out. Bartlett and Company is well poised to handle the business, it is an established feedlot operator that had diversified into grain production years before and operates several facilities along the nation’s rail corridors.

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