Favre to Retire From NFL

First you will then you won’t, uh huh, Brett honey don’t. Rumor has it star decision maker quarterback Brett Favre will not play for the Minnesota Vikings this fall and may actually retire from NFL professional football this year. Favre had injured his left ankle recently and reportedly had felt he was not sufficiently recovered to play a second season for the team.

Favre has apparently come to grips with his imminent geriatric status and while some had questioned his indecisiveness during past retirement vacillations, it appears now that he is aware of his surroundings and walking about and taking nourishment. The Vikings will be a diminished team without him and the National Football League will be hard pressed to find someone who can surpass his record for most interceptions thrown in a career.

This will be Favre’s third and perhaps final retirement proclimation and he will join the grand old men of football like Y.A. Tittle and Booth Tarkington in the record books. Kidding aside, Brett made the game a blast t0 watch, few could air it out like he did, even fewer put as much of their heart and soul into the game and perhaps only Ricardo Montalbon has a more appropriate physique for sport. Do not go gently into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light. Fans everywhere look forward to y0ur next incarnation, whether as place kicker coach for the Raiders or booth color commentatorfor Fox Sports.[ad name=”ga468x15link”]

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