Tebow in Bad Company

My mother always said, “You are judged by the company you keep.” Star quarterback and celebrity Tim Tebow should heed this advice and consider the people he’s now keeping company with. People like the haggard and well traveled likes of Kieth Richards, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts who all have associated with “Sympathy For The Devil” . People like Charlie Sheen, someone whom the the devil himself can’t keep up with. People like Javier Bardem, who portrayed  as cold a blooded killer as ever haunted the screen. Tim is now keeping company with his ilk as well as others like the unfathomable quantity known as John Malkovich, or the irredeemable Eddie Murphy. For a good upstanding young man like Tim it seems unseemly to travel in the same circles as avowed Scientologist John Travolta or big man and enemy of the right Michael Moore and yet our man Tebow has has indeed entered into a pact with the same sinister agents that these same people have signed with. The rumors are true, Tim Tebow has taken the first precarious step down that slippery slope, he’s signed with WME, formerly known as the William Morris Agency.

DavidW - Publisher

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