Renee Zellweger Admits Fraud

Renée_Zellweger_by_David_Shankbone640px-Michelle_Williams_by_Gage_SkidmoreActress Renee Zellweger admits to fraud involving her appearance at the Elle’s Women in Hollywood awards ceremony on Monday night. The internet lit up when the actress showed up at the event apparently looking much different than the public was accustomed to.  Zellweger has previously been described as a buoyant,  cherubic, girl next door type and several were surprised by her new look which was, frankly, ow chihuahua, bless my poor little over-strained pulmonary and cardiac system and haul me off to the hospital she’s so darned beauteous in a full blown all out growed up womanly kinda way. After all the spin had spun outta control and the internet pundits had begun to surmise that mayhaps she’d nipped and tucked and got her some amendments, Renee decided to set the record straight and admit that the whole thing was a hoax. She has been just too darn busy to mess with all the awards and ceremonies and such stuff so she sent a lookalike in her stead. The lookalike, or looker, actress Michelle Williams, was not quite cued in to how Zellweger wears her hair and thus the whole thing took on a life of it’s own. Zellweger explained, “The tomatoes were all getting ripe and I’d spent to whole weekend in the garden getting them in and wanted to get them canned before they spoiled.”

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