Proddatur News Headlines

  1. Shatavadani CV Subbanna Passes Away

  2. CV Subbanna Immortal In Literary World

  3. Works Of Indoor Substation Halted

  4. Drainage Scheme Works Left Incomplete

    • Rs. 25.63 Crore Spent

  5. Hanging Electricity Lines Fixed (AJ Effect)

  6. Pamphlets Released

    • Bike Rally In Support Of Geyanand

  7. RRS Supports Pullanna

  8. Hens Dying Of Fatal Epidemic

  9. Take Care Of Eyes In Summer: Dr. Busireddy, Ophthalmologist

  10. Aged Woman Killed In Road Accident

  11. Intense Campaign For Victory Of TDP MLC Candidates

  12. No Trace Of Cleanliness

    • Roads Full Of Dust Danes

  13. Linga Reddy Inspects Gandikota Water Release

  14. Tractor Capsized – Driver Killed

    • Two Injured

(Source: Andhra Jyothi/ PIB/GR/TYP/BIN/USPA/WN/IAIJ)

D P Sathya Prakash

Senior Reporter

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