Forensic Documents Expert Says Trump 1040 Fake

A forensic documents expert who reviewed the 2005 tax reports leaked to The Washington Post has said the forms are crude fakes, likely by someone serving as White House office staff. News outlets are abuzz over the leaked 1040 forms, which appear to paint the president in a good light, showing an income of about $150 million and taxes paid at a rate of about 25%, or $38 million. Several prominent Washington insiders are questioning the timing of the leaked items. The president’s ratings have recently slumped and some have suggested he may have directed the leaks himself in an attempt to be viewed more favorably.

The unnamed expert, who was formerly employed by the Treasury department during the Clinton administration, pointed out several discrepancies, among them that the numbers for tax liability appear to be written in a different hand than all other nemerical entries on the pages. Also it was noted that the signature is identical to that of the official autopen signature the president has used for decades in his business correspondence and has none of the inconsistencies normally found in a live signature. In fact the document received by email at The Washington Post may be a cut and paste document created using the free software Gimp image editing program, the same software used to create former president Obama’s dubious birth certificate.

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