Culkin Father of Jackson’s Son?

culkin Count on the tabloids to come up with the strangest stories. And if you can believe Tommy Lee Jones charachter from Men in Black it may well prove true. The Sun, a British Tabloid is reporting that McCauly Culkin, friend of the late Michael Jackson, is the father of one of his three children. Culkin, who rose to fame through his role as the precocious, indominable child under siege by Joe Pesci and that tall, scraggly cohort, was a longtime pal of Jackson and might have fathered the child by donating precious bodily fluids. That really wasn’t the oddest claim in the article though, seeing as how it has long been asserted that Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. The thing that we found strangest was the rumor that Jackson is to be buried in a gold casket. Quess you can take it with you.

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