Clarification – Berkshire Hathaway Not Buying The Yellow Press

Just one word, plastics.

Notice: Warren Buffet’s investment Group Berkshire Hathaway has not entered into negotiations to purchase The Yellow Press, an on-line news and entertainment company based in Washington state. Rumors had been circulating that the billionaires flagship company had contacted the owner/publisher David Weisz directly on a recent visit to the Pacific northwest and tendered a modest offer for the company through its subsidiary, Iron Mountain Inc. (IRM). Iron Mountain, a company that provides information management services to companies worldwide was founded in an underground facility near Hudson, New York in 1951. In February, 2010, Iron Mountain acquired Mimosa Systems, Inc., a leader in  digital content archiving solutions and it had been mentioned that the acquisition of The Yellow Press would benefit the overall strategies of both companies through resource consolidation and regional market sharing. Shares of Iron Mountain have been slightly elevated over the recent five day period, up from $30 a share to $31.50.  Iron Mountain and Berkshire Hathaway provided no comment at press time.

(This notice has been published here in an effort to  clear up any misconceptions about this rumor. Please do not call our offices regarding this matter, it is purely a matter of speculation and no agreements have been entered into. David Weisz, Publisher,  The Yellow Press)

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