Late Washington Man Fond of Cats

Late Snohomish, Washington resident Michael J. Capretta liked cats, he must of, at one time he had accumulated so much cat feces that  he’d needed an earth-moving machine to move the pile of it into a ravine near his rural property near Seattle. Maybe he was protecting the cats, maybe that’s why he shot the dogs, at least two by the count of one of his neighbors, probably more. He shot the dogs and drug them away with his ATV so that he could dispose of them in a manner befitting a dog, joining the cat feces in the ravine. And his cats were secure, both freezers full of them.

Capretta killed himself on February 24, 2010 and his neighbor, whose dogs he shot is suing his estate forthe loss of the dogs, emotional damages and damage to thier property. His estate has not commented on the suit.

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Information originally from an article in the Seattle PI

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