Schooling The Children

httpv:// So Jack Christie might not be the most talented student artist at Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario. His animated stick figure cartoons were meant for his own entertainment, and those of his high school friends, and what the heck, Youtube. But apparently the school he attended was offended enough to kick him out of school and ban him from the prom. They even called the cops. And so, logically, the word got out. And a few people took a look at the videos to see what the hubub was all about, then a few more, then a lot. Now Jack seems a bit more popular, and the Skool Bord a little less smert. So maybe we should cue up a little Pink Floyd about now and rail against the machine.

Separate and unrelated. – Police can be bad actors too, just put them on camera.

The Yellow Press loathes abuses of power. Whether the power is as lowly as the head janitor exercises over the new guy, the browbeating of a spouse, the tyranny of money, a cop visiting an apple cart or the king beheading wives as he tires of them, The Yellow Press exposes them all. Got an example? Report an abuse of power here.

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