Huff Post in Crapper

Famously cheap and driven Arianna Huffington not only pays peanuts and drives her editorial staff like Satan’s oarsmen, she won’t even allow her own sweet self time for a bathroom break. Don’t believe us, read the real story HERE. So whadda ya think, do you chit-chat on the throne, talk while you tinkle, gossip while you go? We can assure you that here at The Yellow Press we are not privy to such classless conduct and we treat our reporters and staff with the great dignity they deserve, just as Jonah Jameson might, they can leave their crap in private, or print it here, we don’t censor, censure or sinecure the droppings left here. Drop trou on Arianna Huffington, let her make all the noxious noises she’s always made, but by herself, and in private. We pay the same, nothing, as she does but we’ll treat you with respect. Find the link for reporters at the top of the page and join us in exposing other derrieres. We are small, very small, but everything starts somewhere and wouldn’t you rather speak to manners than porcelain?

DavidW - Publisher

Raised in obscurity and completely entranced with the notion that we should live our lives with the same valuable ethic that a conscientious hiker would, leaving no trace.

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